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Christopher Adams operates Adams Tax Service, Inc. out of his home on Sheridan Ave. N. 

Christopher Adams operates Adams Tax Service, Inc. out of his home on Sheridan Ave. N. 

Taxes must be filed by April 17, and there’s no reason to wait! There are tax filing locations all over North Minneapolis, from nonprofits and community centers to large tax filing corporations and locally owned tax services. Many of these options are free.

By Cirien Saadeh | Staff Reporter



P&P is a VITA  (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance)-certified, 40-year-old financial wellness organization. P&P provides tax and financial services paired with money mentorship. Tax services are provided FREE for individuals who make less than $35,000 annually and families making $55,000 or less, though there are other requirements, as well. 

“Free is free,” said Katy Schultz, tax and financial services director for P&P. “Tax season is a money moment, an easy actionable time to get ahead.” During tax season, from Jan. 20 through April 17, P&P provides services at the Minneapolis Urban League (2100 Plymouth Ave. N.), by appointment only, and the East Side Neighborhood Council (1700 NE 2nd St.), for walk-in appointments. The rest of the year they work out of their St. Paul offices off of University Ave. They provide services for individuals, families, and some small businesses, but not members of the military. For more information  visit or call 651-287-0187.


EMERGE provides FREE, VITA-certified tax assistance services for low-income communities out of 1101 W Broadway Ave. EMERGE’s services are aimed at those who receive the Earned Income Tax Credit. 

EMERGE is an appointment-based site. Tax clinics are offered on Saturdays 9am-1pm beginning Feb. 7, though people can begin making appointments right away. EMERGE serves individual and joint filers. They offer limited services for small business filers.


The AARP, in partnership with the IRS and Minnesota Department of Revenue, provides FREE, personal income tax, rent credit, property tax refunds and other tax issue support for senior citizens and low-income individuals. Services are offered at Pillsbury United Communities’ Oak Park Center and the Hennepin County North Regional Library. 

Oak Park Community Center is located at 1701 Oak Park Ave. Tax preparation begins Feb.  5 and continues on Mondays and Tuesdays through April 17 from 10am-1pm on those days. Clients are served on a first-comes-first basis. 

Hennepin County North Regional Library is located at 1315 Lowry Ave. N. Tax preparation begins Feb. 3 and continues through April 17, continuing every Wednesday and Saturday, from 10am-1pm. 

Bring a photo ID, Social Security Cards for yourself and your dependents, and tax documents from employers, pensions, banks, including any documents pertinent to rental properties or homeownership.


Adams is a locally owned tax service and accounting firm located at 3354 Sheridan Ave N. The business, named for owner and accountant Christopher Adams, is rated one of the top-ten places to get your taxes done in Minneapolis by Prime Buyer’s Report. Services are provided for individuals, families, and small businesses. 

Adams recommends that tax filers unsure of how to prepare for their appointment call him. “I’d rather spend 30 minutes on the phone talking you through how to prepare for your appointment, than you not have what you need to get your taxes done,” he said.

Tax services cost $75 for a 1040EZ, $100 for a 1040A, and $120 for 1040 – these are the forms you receive after filling your taxes. There are additional charges for self-employment and rental property taxes. Refunds are offered via direct deposit or mailed as a check. Call 612-529-5356 or email

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Both Jackson Hewitt and H&R Block provide online and in-office tax assistance services. Appointments are required and typically cost at least $50, depending on the in-office services used. They both  also offer a free online tax service option. Services are offered for individual, families and joint filers, and well as small businesses. 

Jackson Hewitt has an office at 800 W Broadway Ave. You can schedule appointments online or call (952) 428-7300. H&R Block is located at 607 West Broadway Ave. Appointments can be made online or by calling 612-529-7729.



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