New corner store opens near recently closed CVS

This story originally ran in the April 25 print edition of North News. Amgen Omran’s name was misspelled in that version. We regret the error.

By Andrianna Bynum, Aryy Taylor, Alex Mcneill, Kevon Johnson North High

Amgen “MJ” Omran recently opened a new store “5 Corner Market” on 26th and Sheridan Ave. N. Omran has been working on opening this store for a few years. He opened this store because he knew that CVS on 26th and Broadway was shutting down. He saw an opportunity to open a new business.

Omran has not just opened the store, but he is also opening a new chicken place connected to the store that’s opening up May 1.

Omran opened his business on the Northside because: “The people. It’s like a family over here. Everyone knows everyone. It’s a close community. There is a lot of youth that need guidance and direction. If I can open a store and help guide the youth, I’d be happy to do that,” he said.

Omran’s least favorite thing about working on the Northside is “stealing. Not everyone is stealing but it is the main issue,” he said. Omran is a nice guy but he has limits when it comes to people asking him for free items. “A lot of people come in here asking for free stuff, and if it was up to me, I would give everything free. But if I do that I won’t have money to pay rent and I’ll be the one asking people for stuff.”

Community members think that this a great new addition. The store is close to many people’s homes.

Angela Docken lives down the street from 5 Corner Market. “It is the only store that is within walking distance. Well the closest one,” she said. Docken believes that there will be struggles having the store in the neighborhood. “I think the neighborhood will be a struggle, but I can tell he is motivated and determined to make it work.” Docken would also love to open her own store herself. “I would love to, I would like to open a photo studio! Which is slowly in the making.”

Inside the store everything is clean and organized. Omran is still working on few things in the store to make it even better than other stores on the Northside.

Kenzie O'Keefe